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Let Jana Hope take your event to the next level by indulging your guests with the experience of art come to life. Jana studied fine art at MSUD but spent five years in event planning and design following her time there. In 2017 she merged her passion for both art and experience making. Live painting is a means of connecting guests, engaging them in conversation and enjoyment. Live painting is also a novel way to add to any events aesthetic and theme. Jana helps take live painting from simply entertainment, to a showpiece and memory making experience. Hosts can then keep the creation, raffle it off, auction it off, or whatever they would like.


Types of Events:

  • Grand Openings

  • Trade Shows

  • Beer Festivals

  • Music Festivals

  • Banquets

  • Dinner Parties

  • Fundraisers

  • Concerts

  • Happy Hour

  • Product Launch

  • Weddings

  • Anniversaries

  • Baby Showers

  • Galas

  • Holiday Parties

Painting live at the Colorado Convention Center for AiR Forum 2019

Painting live at the Colorado Convention Center for AiR Forum 2019

Spencer Fane LLP client Happy Hour 2018

Spencer Fane LLP client Happy Hour 2018


What is Live Painting?
Live painting is an improvisational performance in which a visual artist creates a painting or paintings in front of a live audience during the duration of an event. Jana creates the artwork from start to finish as a way to uniquely entertain guests, add a unique addition to the event aesthetic, and attract passers-by. Jana creates art during the event to fit any theme, from vivid abstract paintings, captivating landscapes, or special designs collaborated with the host.

Why hire Jana Hope?
Jana Hope is a full-time artist with five years of event planning and coordination experience. Jana strives to use art as a medium to connect with your guests and engages the audience, welcoming questions and comments, and helps create a fun and creative environment for your event. With years of experience in the event world, she works seamlessly with planners and organizers to make the most of this artful experience for your guests.

How big is the artwork and do I get to keep it?
The common size of live paintings is 30”x 40” or larger, but Jana is happy to work with you to create the right piece for your event. Of course, the host gets to do with the final painting as they wish. Gift it, enjoy it at home, raffle it, or put it up for auction, it’s up to you!

Will this be messy?
Jana Hope takes care of all the setup and cleans up for live painting. You won’t need to worry about the venue getting damaged, as drop cloths will be included with all the materials provided by the artist. Jana also only uses low odor acrylic paints that will not permeate the space with any unsavory, or unsafe smells.

How much space is needed?
Live painting can take up as little as a 3’x 4’ footprint for a standard event.

What does it cost?
Price varies based on painting time, location of the event and imagery was chosen. Each painting is unique and customized to your vision.
Small 3-4 hour events start at around $500, where large 5-7 hour events start at $800. Keep in mind that all projects can be adjusted for many budgets. This price range does not include travel expenses that would be added for events outside the Denver Metro area.
Fundraisers and events with a cause may be eligible for reduced rates and/or pro-bono. Please contact Jana for details.