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Defining Space

Murals, accent walls and decorative painting have a magical way of making any environment a unique and memorable experience. Designing and creating this experience for your home and business is not only my speciality, but a passion of mine. All my murals are custom, created with the intent to wow guests and passers by. Whether you are looking at a mural for marketing, decor or branding purposes you will not go wrong with an artful investment.

Contact me today to talk about creating something beautiful together.


Low Detail Mural: $10-$15 per square foot

Medium Detail Mural: $15-20 per square foot

High Detail Mural: $20-25 per square foot

Designs are customized based on your vision and budget. Payment plans are available upon request. Email Jana Hope at for more details.

Odd Job

Mural work is not limited to walls, but can expand to bring artful impact to furniture, appliances, vehicles, ect. If you have an unusual project in mind be sure to reach out and see how I can bring your vision to life.


Custom projects must be discussed before pricing is established due to their variable nature. Some projects will be eligible for payment plans or discounts. Please contact Jana Hope for more details;

Tell Me About Your Project

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Is this a home or a business? How is the space used? Who will see this space?
Square footage is best, but any description for the scale is useful.
If you do not have a vision quite yet, tell me about your aesthetic and style.
I design something special based on your needs. Giving a budget allows me to create something with the right design for the right price.