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This blog is a tour of my mile high art life. Here I log art events, behind the scenes of creating my own work, and thoughts on living a creative life. Check in weekly for new entries.

Investing in Murals to Grow Business

One of the challenges for small business owners and entrepreneurs is setting their business apart from the local competition. People play with brand, location, niche and quality of product to narrow the spotlight on their company. One investment any company can make that will guarantee visibility and grab a quick audience is with a mural. Investing in a mural either to define or market your space might be the best spent money you do for your business this year.

Mural at The Bodywork Guru in Denver.

Mural at The Bodywork Guru in Denver.

Catching Their Eye

This is especially true for business that are open to public. Restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, garden centers, bars all benefit from defining their space in visual terms. We live in 2019, where the buying generation is the Insta crowd, selfies capture all aspects of lifestyle, and visual wow factor makes your business a true destination. Indoor, outdoor or menu murals imbed your brand in the customer experience, making every interaction your customers memorable and photo worthy. Even businesses that don’t open directly to the public can benefit from their client’s experiencing a mural in their office. Not to mention the stellar inspiration your team will have day in and day out with large, impactful art around them. My mural at The Bodywork Guru’s studio is only seen by her handful of client’s a day. This doesn’t stop any of them noting the cool and interesting vibe this mural creates in reviews, online or in recommendations to friends. This mural is nearly a year old and I hear from the client every month or so to tell me how much her clients love her space because of it.

Little Princess Salon in Superior, Colorado

Little Princess Salon in Superior, Colorado

Curating an Environment

If you have a brand with a well defined feeling, aesthetic, and experience involved with it, a mural might be just the way to get it across. Curating your business’ space is a sure fire way to give every person who enters it an undeniable taste of your brand. Give them the royal experience, like the folks at The Little Princess Salon strive for, or bring rustic vibes to an otherwise posh space. The possibilities are endless and can be implemented from floor to ceiling with the right artist. If you need an undeniable experience with your brand to the fullest, you can’t afford to not have a mural.

Throwback to a hand painted Coke mural that has mostly withstood the test of time.  Photo cred: Mark Keefer

Throwback to a hand painted Coke mural that has mostly withstood the test of time. Photo cred: Mark Keefer

Marketing Through Murals

One of the tried and true ways any company can invest in mural art is via marketing. If you have an outside wall of your office, nothing grabs attention quite like art. From the biggest brands in town, to small upstarts, they all have used this method of marketing. An outdoor mural at your building, in your entryway, or on your front stairs will not only entice people on the street to take notice in your brand, but it will imprint your brand on the culture of your local. This kind of viewership with your brand it huge in building customers and community.