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Mile High Art Life

This blog is a tour of my mile high art life. Here I log art events, behind the scenes of creating my own work, and thoughts on living a creative life. Check in weekly for new entries.

Inclusive Creativity to Indulge In


When most people think of the art world they see a scene with rich, eccentric people meandering through a white-walled gallery sticking their nose at some conceptual piece of art and debating its "real" meaning. That right there is not the art world I know. Yes, some corners of this industry certainly drip with pretension, but that is few and far between. The art world I know includes kids elbow deep in the paint, mom's on a night out drinking wine with a canvas in front of them, big art shows with live painters who welcome you to ask questions, creative community building through interactive art, and open door mentalities at artist studios. To me, art is and always should be for everyone. Creativity has every right to be apart of each individual's life, it's truly vital to making it rich and fulfilling. We knew this from our first kindergarten art class when we dove right into every project with no hesitations, then bragged about it to all your friends and family. We knew it the first time we helped in the kitchen and inquisitively mixed your ingredients to create something new entirely.  We knew it when we decided to tackle equally rewarding and challenging DIY project. It is natural to be creative and there is no shame in embracing it. Here are a few ways you can get creative this week:

1. Coloring books- Soothing, laid back, and highly addictive. These creative outlets are great for relieving stress and getting into the art zone. 

2.Learn a new craft or skill- Youtube, Pinterest, Skillshare, Craftsy are all online resources for tapping into new creative ventures.

3. Paint parties- not only are these fun, but educational. You can kick back and throw paint without worrying about the cleanup. Plus you get to show your masterpiece off after kicking creative ass.



4. Vision boards- Setting goals and intentions are great. Making a visual piece of art for inspiration is even better. Cut up those old magazines and dive into your practical imagination.

5. Play with sidewalk chalk- Really indulge your inner child and create a temporary art experience on your driveway or walk up to your front door. You will smile every time you come home.

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6. Redecorate- Nothing gets your creative juices flowing like a change in environment. Switch up your normal, get creative with displaying your chachkies, and clear out the old stuff.

7. Go to your local art museum- Nearly every art museum I have ever attended includes some sort of interactive art. So after being inspired by a featured exhibit, dive into their displays for creation. They will have prompts and ideas with all the materials you need to play.

8. Doodle- Remember filling the margins of your high school notebooks in class? Yea, that little mindless drawing can bring you all the creativity you need. Buy a little sketchbook or journal and add patterns, characters, or bubble letters to it. It doesn't have to be good, just start making marks.

9. Try a new recipe-Throw down in the kitchen and learn something new. Or better yet add a twist to your favorite meals that you haven't tried before. The end result will be satisfying to both your soul and tummy.

10. Creative beauty- Try a new makeup look, pull your hair up in a new style, paint fancy designs on your nails, make a face mask with some pantry ingredients. All of this is creative and fun. You don't even need to be going anywhere, you can doll up for a Netflix marathon!

The point here is this; creativity is behind every corner and it can enrich every part of our lives. There is no such thing as "not being a creative type". These activities are not limited by age, gender, race, intellectual capability, social status, or anything else. We learned everything we need to know about being creative in kindergarten, just dive in and play. You will always impress yourself when you get in the art zone.