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This blog is a tour of my mile high art life. Here I log art events, behind the scenes of creating my own work, and thoughts on living a creative life. Check in weekly for new entries.

Have Art, Will Travel- The Practice

My family built a healthy wanderlust in me. Camping, road trips, visits to family in Pensylvania or Florida were all apart of my childhood experiences. I know I am lucky for these experiences, and I feel very grateful to have them. No matter what financial situation at the time my family would at the very least make one weekend a year camping in the Rockies. These experiences have been a great source of inspiration, and I have created many great little sketches along the way. This practice of sketching as I travel has become a powerful impact on my perspective in how I see the world and my own work. It's simple and it only adds to the adventure.


The trick to this practice is to not get caught up in the end result. Draw like no one is watching, if you will. Instead just capture a moment, any moment. It doesn't matter if landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, objects, whatever it is, is not "your thing". This is a snapshot of your travel experience and more practice to fill your sketchbook. The more you draw, the more you grow as an artist. The more you travel, the more you grow as a person. Pairing these habits together is enriching and beautiful in the fullest sense of the word. I treat my travel sketchbook as a journal, with many little sketches, doodles, and notes. I've seen some beautiful travel journals that even build it up with collages of their tickets and brochures. 


For me, this year will be rich with adventures both near and far. I intend to make a sketchy memoir of it all along the way. Stay tuned for more Have Art, Will Travel posts that feature 2018's adventures!