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Mile High Art Life

This blog is a tour of my mile high art life. Here I log art events, behind the scenes of creating my own work, and thoughts on living a creative life. Check in weekly for new entries.

Don't Think You Can Afford Art? Think Again.

You don't need to be some wealthy elite to own art, there are plenty of options to support artists you love and become a collector all your own. Creators love connecting with people who enjoy their work and are very willing to see you take it home. Don't be afraid of that dollar sign, I promise it is worth every penny you paid or traded in a way that makes sense to you.

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A Brief Introduction

This blog is my journal of experiences as I navigate through my own artistic path, and be inspired by the communities around me. Not only do I get to create my work in a budding arts mecca, but that growing arts community is in my own backyard! I have got to develop my own art and business alongside Denver's art neighborhoods and this is my journey.

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