Musing Nature


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The Artist:

Jana Hope was born and raised in Northern Colorado where she developed both a love of nature, and a love of capturing it through art from a young age. Exploring the forests of the Rocky Mountains as a child, she built a lifelong curiosity for ecology and connection that naturally married with her art as she committed to being an artist in her teens. Largely self taught, Jana creates surreal nature illustrations and paintings from her studio on Denver’s RiNo Arts District.

Her style is influenced by the scientific illustrations from her mother’s anatomy books growing up, and her interest in outsider art like tattoos and comics. Jana’s work is often graphic with vivid colors using materials such as ink, colored pencil and oil paints. Her art explores themes of connection in nature; pulling from ecological associations between all life, as well as cultural idioms, lore and symbolism that connects society to our natural world in abstract ways.

Jana has been showing her art in both group and solo shows across Colorado. Apart of the National Art Honors Society, RAW Natural Born Artists and founding artist member of the creative co-working space Converge Denver, Jana continues to make a name for herself and stay active in her local arts community. She has been featured as Artist of the Month for Chameleon Art Products as well as contributed to the Brooklyn Art Library’s public collection of sketchbooks.