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The Positivity Art Project

The Positivity Art Project is an art initiative that comes to Alternative Schools in Colorado to provide a platform for at risk students to inspire their peers, express themselves, and learn painting skills. We host inspiration competitions in the school, allowing students to share words and images that inspire them. These words and images are incorporated into mural designs by professional artists. Students will receive the opportunity to paint these designs alongside local artists, creating inspiring learning environments that their whole community can enjoy.



What are alternative schools, and why do this project there?

Alternative Schools are educational institutions that focus on non-traditional approaches to seeking high school diplomas and GEDs. The Positivity Art Project focuses on alternative schools that work with youth who are at-risk, have fallen behind in traditional public programming, or need additional educational support for various reasons. These students often struggled with family crisis, illness, teen pregnancy, drugs or other fall backs that negatively impacted their school performances. These students are given a new chance to achieve success through alternative school programs, but typically at the loss of art integrated education and clubs that help anchor students to their school community. I was an at risk student in high school and struggled to pull myself out of the academic hole I created. I was surrounded by some wonderful educators, an alternative learning program and my school’s art department to help get me back on track. I want to give teens who are fighting their way out of failure a chance to express and inspire themselves and peers. I would also like this to be an opportunity for students to have hands on art experiences and a platform to express themselves. Teens who participate can not only be proud at their perseverance in seeking success in education, but in inspiring those who come after them.

How is The Positivity Art Project implemented?

  • Student Involvement - The Call for Inspiration

    • Professional artist Jana Hope with facilitate weekly outreach to students calling for inspirational quotes, images, and words from the student body.

    • The outreach to connect with students will take place in classrooms, hallways and common areas.

    • This will also provide an opportunity for students to sign up and be apart of the painting process.

  • Design and Connection

    • Jana Hope, along with other professional artists in Denver will compile the work submitted by the Call for Inspiration into large and small designs.

    • Jana Hope and the artists will sketch out these designs during school hours so that students can watch and engage in the process.

  • Final Painting - Shadowing Artists

    • Students chosen from the list of initial volunteer sign up will be invited to work in groups under professional artists.

    • The artists will supervise and oversee the students as they paint the designs.

    • Artists will guide students through different painting techniques and engage in the students painting about why inspiration around you in important and begin conversations about achieving goals.

  • The Open House

    • At the completion of the mural painting there will be a gallery style open house that students, faculty, staff and family will be invited to attend.

What does this project cost?

This project is free for schools that are participating and will be 100% ran on generous donations from the community through different fundraising campaigns. It will cost around $4000-$4500 per school. This budget includes all painting materials, insurance, travel, administrative materials, labor, design, campaigning, and mentorships. Keep an eye out for fundraising events, or donate today to help make this vision come to life.

If you are interested in becoming a donor or sponsor to bring powerful words of inspiration throughout Colorado schools, please reach out to Jana Hope at